Why the mountains … Part Two

Finally right? Has the anticipation built enough for you? Are you ready to explode? Probably not because only a few people read these but the more I put down the more I enjoy writing and that’s something I haven’t had for awhile now. So previously I said I wanted to focus on the location in […]

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Happy Friendaversary

Facebook likes to do this, those of you who are on it know. Every month or so you get a notification about how you and such and such have been friends for so many years and to let them know how much they are appreciated. I tend to laugh at the reminders though because, as […]

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Riding on Buses

I was talking with my son Donovan the other day about riding on buses. He isn’t a fan because he tends to get motion sickness on them but I love them. I started to think about the enormous number of bus trips that I’ve been on over the years. I feel like Forest Gump where […]

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Three months…..

Dear Mom, It’s been three months since you passed, I miss you. That first month I cried about every third day, these last two months it’s been closer to once a week. I guess that’s better right? Even while I’m writing this my throat gets tight and my eyes well up, I try not to […]

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