One Year …..

Dear Mom, It’s been a year since you left us. I still miss you. The pain has lessened, and I knew it would but, it isn’t by much. Some days are easier than others. I should probably talk about it with the other kids but I’m selfish about my grief and I don’t want to […]

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That Point in Your Life

Not too long ago my wife and I were talking about another sick family member. We were talking about the cancer this family member was dealing with and how concerned we were. It’s been a rough few years for our family, my Mom has passed as well as some other members of our extended family. […]

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Back There, Beyond the Bend

Almost every day I come to a junction in the road. I drive in on a dirt road that I leave my house on. Eventually that dirt road connects with one of our smaller paved county roads. There are thousands of these types of junctures all across the state of Kansas but for me this […]

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Why the mountains … Part Two

Finally right? Has the anticipation built enough for you? Are you ready to explode? Probably not because only a few people read these but the more I put down the more I enjoy writing and that’s something I haven’t had for awhile now. So previously I said I wanted to focus on the location in […]

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Happy Friendaversary

Facebook likes to do this, those of you who are on it know. Every month or so you get a notification about how you and such and such have been friends for so many years and to let them know how much they are appreciated. I tend to laugh at the reminders though because, as […]

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